Doesn’t those above cabinets look beautiful, sometimes you might have even thought about your “Dream PC” to give a look like those or something even different, then we think this blog would definitely help you to decide from the above heading. When it comes to cabinets for your PC, there […]

1, The BIOS (Basic Input/Output System) is responsible for instructing the computer on which device to boot from. Additionally, it provides information on the memory frequency and other processor details. 2, The BIOS performs a Power On Self Test (POST) before initiating the Linux or Windows operating system. This essential […]

It all starts with NZXT and yes it has proven once more by its design and cable management provision given, that its dual chamber design has just made our minds blown out. It’s so beautiful, so elegant, and wow, got an opportunity to build a PC on this with Corsair […]

It used to be so exciting when the craze for dual monitors first started, and we were building PCs and providing solutions to customers who were desperately looking for something specific. Things were falling nicely into place and we were able to sort out their requirements without difficulty. Soon, it […]

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