09-12-2023 – NZXT H9 Flow

It all starts with NZXT and yes it has proven once more by its design and cable management provision given, that its dual chamber design has just made our minds blown out. It’s so beautiful, so elegant, and wow, got an opportunity to build a PC on this with Corsair H150 RGB liquid cooler as per the customer’s choice and requirements.

Hands-on NZXT H9 Flow

The customer choice was NZXT H9 Flow (CM-H91FB-01) the other components were as per the use case
and mainly it has been looked at as an aesthetics
1, Asus ROG Strix X670E-F Gaming WIFI Motherboard
2, AMD Ryzen9 7900X Processor (12Cores, 24Threads, Up To 5.6Ghz Max Boost clock)
3, Team Force 32GB DDR5 (16*2) 6000Mhz Desktop Ram
4, Samsung 980 Pro 1TB M.2 NVMe SSD
5, Corsair H150 RGB Liquid Cooler (CW-9060054-WW)
6, Deepcool CF120 Plus ARG B Fan’s – 6 Nos
7, NZXT 850W PSU
8, NZXT H9 Flow Black

From opening the chassis and pulling out from the box till fixing back all the parts of the cabinet was a kindly of experience that cannot be mentioned by words.
1, Few cabinets (computer enclosures) are too cramp to fix your high-end components, so no need to worry about space in NZXT H9 Flow
2, it has the provision of fixing 7 fans as per your choice and taste & top your AIO or as per requirement
3, Installation of the PSU was so neat and you can fix the fan of the PSU facing outward
4, You can fix your AIO on the right-hand side of the cabinet case to make your aesthetic look more appealing
5, One more time to mention on cable management system, let it be your
a, 8 Pin cable & fan cable channel
b, 24 Pin cable and SATA cable channel
c, Front I/O cable and SATA Cable Channel
d, Front I/O cable and fan cable channel
all the provisions are made clear and with better understanding, Velcro’s given at each and every place and you don’t need any additional tiers to do your cable management.

Overall gaming build has come so well and beautifully that we are looking to build one more with all of your support and wishes. See you soon in our other blog section.

Disclaimer – All products mentioned here are as per customers need, it varies from person to person to fix their high-end components and as required aesthetic looks.

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