Belkin Power Inverter With USB Charging 200W


  • Cooling fan for temperature protection
  • Power on the go – charge your electronic devices in the car while traveling
  • High-efficiency power conversion, which prolongs the automotive batteries service life
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Talk for hours, listen to your favorite tunes endlessly, or continue playing that intense game anywhere when you have the Belkin F5L071ak200W AC anywhere and a USB port. It fits perfectly anywhere and converts DC power to AC power to keep you connected at all times.

In-built Cooling Fan for Easy Regulation

This gadget has been ergonomically designed with an In-built Cooling Fan that regulates the temperature to prevent any scope for overheating.

Stay Connected at All Times

This port can be connected anywhere easily, even in your car. It fits into the cigarette lighter socket in your car and converts the DC power to AC power, thereby keeping you connected at all times. It also has an LED power indicator that lets you know about the remaining power.

Automatic Overheat Shut-off

Your devices won’t be affected in case of an overheating issue. The AC Anywhere inverter comes with an Automatic Overheat Shut-off feature which prevents any damage to the connected devices. It has a replaceable 20 A fuse which sends an alarm when the power goes below 10.6 V.

Charge Multiple Devices at the Same Time

This inverter comes with two AC outlets, thereby letting you charge multiple devices at the same time. It comes with a power of USB Charging 200W.



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