01-03-2023 – Seeing Double – About A Dual Monitor Setup

It used to be so exciting when the craze for dual monitors first started, and we were building PCs and providing solutions to customers who were desperately looking for something specific.

Things were falling nicely into place and we were able to sort out their requirements without difficulty. Soon, it became even easier as we at gsc were routinely approached by other customers, who got their referrals from those with experience. We were maturing in this particular area.

With all the twists and turns in technology, which was fast-evolving and changing, things began to fade for a while, and the lower volume requirements reflected this trend.
Today, the picture for dual monitors is different. We see a lot of customers trying out the setup on their own. They do have a real requirement, and they continue to use their existing monitor, while adding an additional monitor for a variety of reasons – productivity, encoding, editing, gaming, stocks and what not! Just name it, and it is valid.

We at gsc come across a lot practical dimensions to a dual monitor setup, which we think you should consider seriously:

  • Be sure whether its required or not
  • Have some extra space so that this can be done in an organised manner
  • See that it can be used on par with other monitors
  • Prioritise a better display card, it really goes hand in hand with performance
  • Ambience and aesthetics need to be considered
  • Plan for space saving products because your desktop real estate will be precious

Above all, make sure you use authentic and quality products to work on your dual monitor setup!

Best of luck!

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